Suivi des versions du serveur IPSC2 sur le Réseau Indépendant French DMR.

version A.04.27

IPSC2 minor issue on IRC channel solved

version A.04.23

IPSC2 the current reflector ID was added to the register-server-protocol
IPSC2 fixed MOTOROLA protocol on fast PTT change
IPSC2 A new HYTERA message type was added to IPSC2 in the GPS protocol decoding

version A.04.21

IPSC2 IPSCServerControl add a new COMMAND “DENY WRITE”.
From now on you can also write an ID, which you have added in the ControlCenter, with the COMMAND “DENY WRITE” into the file deny.db
DENY 9999999 (rptr-ID or user-ID only in memory)
ALLOW 9999999 (rptr-ID or user-ID only in memory)
DENY CHECK (show ID-list)
UPDATE (reread user/rptr/reflector DB)
GPSLOG 0/1/2

version A.04.20

IPSC2 now we reduce the trafic to the registration-server we removed a historical protocol

version A.04.18

IPSC2 a new database for international talkgroups added to IPSC2. This database is used in some dashboard screens
IPSC2 a new database for national talkgroups (talkgroup_local.db) added to IPSC2 and can be configured by hand.
Format: please use same amount of “;” separated fields per line as shown below
# IPSC2: talkgroup_local.db
# Last Update: 17.04.2020 10:0 UTC
110;TAC DE;TAC german;;;;;
232;OE;OE gesamt;;;;;
262;DL;DL gesamt;;;;;
8181;MAP R-OE1;MAP 4181 OE1;;;;;
8182;MAP R-OE2;MAP 4182 OE1;;;;;
you can add national only used talkgroups or you can overwrite one or more of our delivered international talkgroups

version A.04.04

IPSC2 USA 5-fig 31000-31999 talkgroups now all working with country-id “310”

version A.04.03

IPSC2 issue: YCS-Serverconnection failed after YCS restart. fixed now and add to the dashboard the connection id info

version A.03.08

IPSC2 now showing on MATRIX TAB which talkgroup connected via bMaster+

version A.02.23

IPSC2 we have changed the database download to a new server

version A.01.26

IPSC2 now you can clean up on a DMO-HOTSPOT with TG 400 all TG's on demand on both Timeslots

version A.01.21

IPSC2 Startreflector now correct and switchable on FIXED MASTER/CLIENT ControlCenter entries

version A.01.15

IPSC2 deny.db - on incoming bMaster+ stream now using only rules with 6,7,8,9 - fig ID

version A.01.10

IPSC2 now deny.db able to hold 100 records (VK run into this problem)

version A.01.06

IPSC2 YCS Link LOG extended information

version A.01.05

IPSC2 YCS Link working now also on TS2

version A.01.04

IPSC2 TS2 bMaster+ TGs where not transfered to bMaster+ on MOTOROLA repeater

version A.01.03

IPSC2 MMDVM reporting geo-coordinates to fixed
IPSC2 audio-message after autom-relink fixed

version 9.12.22

IPSC2 Reflector Relink not working after automatic Relink
IPSC2 SERVICE Dashboard show wrong TS1/1 information (only Debian version)

version 9.10.02a

IPSC2 new GPS TG 9050. APRS-messages set to without SSID

version 9.10.02

IPSC2 GPS now Trellis-protocol with Advanced check-sum-length check
IPSC2 now all internal UDP-ports (conversions) are bdound to local-IP - therefore not reachable via external connections
IPSC2 MOT, HYT, MMDVM Voice-messages, ECHO-mode, … now with 4 queues each

version 9.09.25

IPSC2 Voice messages for HYTERA now run within multi threads

version 9.09.18

IPSC2 TG 9071…9078 included for Jamboree on the air use

version 9.09.15

IPSC2 YCS-Connections: this version now recognize a MATRIX TG change while server keep running

version 9.09.13

IPSC2 now allow to bridge TG to our YCS C4FM systen
see: YCS-Server-Connection

version 9.09.03

IPSC2 now allow to bridge 8/1 to 8/9 and 2/1 to 2/9 via INTERLINK

version 9.08.23b

IPSC2 new type of entry within deny.db
1@2321234@the # 2321234 not allowed for RPTR/HOTSPOT or SOURCE-ID
2@2321234*@the # 232123400-232123499 not allowed for RPTR/HOTSPOT or SOURCE-ID

version 9.08.23

IPSC2 MMDVM HOTSPOT now able to stop ondemand TGs with TG400
IPSC2 now all TG offered from other IPSC2-Servers for TS1 and TS2 can be uses on demand without adding them to the own talkgrouplist
IPSC2 status.txt file now include TX-frequency, SHIFT-frequency and ONLINE-status 1/0
IPSC2 TG not marked for bMaster+ BRIDGE now allowed to use to cBridge LINK. Because we use v.v. it could not get loops in this cases

version 9.08.16b

IPSC2 REMAP issue on DV4mini/new and MMDVM use

version 9.08.16

IPSC2 HYTERA Reflector announcement fixed

version 9.08.15

IPSC2 fixed the issue “REMAP & dynamic booked groups” produced wrong TG

version 9.08.12


Old Dongle Protokoll stopped after IPSC2 > v9.08.10 please advice your users to use new MMDVM-Dongle-Protocol
DV4mini related Downloads
Following reasons:
the old DV4miniControlCenter sends the heartbeat every second
it is not possible to use TS1 and TS2 without disturbing the IPSC2 network
again and again users with ID “0” had registered
and a lot more

version 9.08.07

IPSC2 using a Talkgroup with bmaster+ and REMAP or XLX stream was missing in one direction
IPSC2 HYTERA GPS add checksum check

version 9.08.04

IPSC2 REMAP minor stream issues

version 9.07.31

IPSC2 TRELLIS Code used by GPS now fixed for WW use

version 9.07.30

IPSC2 Interlink minor problems

version 9.07.29

IPSC2 TG with bMaster+ & cBridge connection rebuild

version 9.07.26

IPSC2 it is now possible to book dynamic talkgroups on timeslot TS1 and also on TS2. The holding time for a booking has been increased to 15 minutes. In each case up to ten talkgroups on TS1 and TS2 per repeater are possible. With the command TG400 each user can delete his dynamic bookings (separated to TS1 and TS2) at any time before the end of the holding time.
IPSC2 Since it is now also possible for repeaters (MOT / HYT / MMDVM) to enter the desired entries in the MATRIX for TS1 and TS2 talkgroups themselves into the database (CONFIG), the processing of TS1 / TS2 in the IPSCServerControl for this repeater has been removed.
Please download new IPSCServerControl 2.19.01
next step
IPSC2 to step forward to use CQ-WW we include “optout” and “optin” for Repeater- and HOTSPOT-SYSOPs. Per default Repeaters are in “optin”-state and HOTSPOTs are in “optout”-state. Repeater SYSOPs now able to configure the “optout” via database configuration. Please set TG400 to one of the TS1 TG-matrix-fields.

version 9.07.09

IPSC2 NEW MATRIX TS2 setup now also taken from registration database
IPSC2 NEW TG booking now ready on TS1 and TS2 (same as TS1 max. 10 minutes and max. 10 TG per repeater)

IPSC2 some more GPS (MMDVM) issues solved

version 9.06.18

IPSC2 NEW TG booking this is woking for all TG which are existing in the headerline of IPSC2ControlCenter TAB TS1 (TS1 only). Thus, on all connections HYT, MOT, MMDVM, HOTSPOT from a radio from a Talkgroup which is not checked in the MATRIX be booked. The holding time is currently fixed at 10 minutes. It is also possible to book several (max 10) talkgroups in this way
The talkgroups for WW CQ are assigned by the bMaster + system (test phase TG 10,20,13).
With this you can address all HYT, MOT, MMDVM and HOTSPOTs of each radio. The peculiarity is that after an answer to this group only more connection between the two repeaters exists. In addition, all repeaters who have booked this talkgroup (MATRIX) will remain in the broadcast.

version 9.05.18

MMDVM connecting hardware (udp-port 55555) now only accepted from existing DMR-ID's
MMDVM add GPS-Data decode comming via Trellis 3/4 Datacode (Private-Data-Mode) with error-correction and detection
MATRIX Talkgroups TS1 or TS2 mapped to a CC-CC LID and not marked with “Activate Bridge via bMaster+” not transfered to bMaster+
REMAP of Reflectors now with extra floor-control for mapped stream to get not in collision with the source-stream
IPSC2 start as deamon now -deamon and not only -d
IPSC2 MAX user IDs 140000
IPSC2 MOT voice message now running in extra thread
IPSC2/bMaster+ better roaming exchange from IPSC2 WW

version 9.01.08
-IPSC2 CC-CC Link 5-fig TGs fixed
!Info! ... 5-fig TGs only working fpr Opebbridge, CC-CC and INTERLINK if the start with the MCC (Country-ID or Neighbor-ID)
-IPSC2 DV4mini-Dongle now allow on TS1 more Talkgroups 5/6/7/110
-IPSC2 XLX-Link now using ID from Master-TAB Configuration
-IPSC2 LOG-Lines now all lines starts with Timestamp

-IPSC2 added 3rd COUNTRY-ID (MCC) so all can use 3 times 5-fig groups

version 9.01.03
-IPSC2 On reboot only matrix for TS1 was loaded ... TS2 missed

version 9.01.02
-IPSC2 On closing the IPSC2 (even by hand with ctrl+c) i think this will solve the loosing MOTOROLA issue
- All MMDVM get the Master-Down " MSTCL" Command so they stop polling for Heardbeat
- All internal Threads will be stopped before the Programm stops
- All open UDP-Ports will be closed per command
- DK/Brian: sort for Status and Service TAB - first 6-fig and second 7,8,9-fig connections
- BRIDGE "Homecall" - you can reach now all booked Talkgroups from all IPSC2 Servers without including
the talkgroup to your own MATRIX and without book this groups via "BRIDGE hook"
This wish came from DK because with this new feature "BRIDGE Homecall" you can open a stream from all IPSC2
without added e.g. 238 to all their MATRIX and BRIDGES. The only differences between booked via MATRIX and not
is that you can only call home and not call back after holdtimer stopped.
So we need BRIDGED Talkgroups on both sides for 1,2,10,13,113 and so on to communicate every time in both directions

version 9.01.01
-IPSC2 Hytera Firmware/Hardware Disply sometimes missed

version 8.12.31
-IPSC2 MAX registerd User now 130000
-IPSC2 Threads now have names you can use
top -H -p #### or
ps -T -p #### to see the Threads are running
####...ipscserver PID
-IPSC2 MAX HYTERA Clients now 400 per IPSC2
-IPSC2 TellUS Client-handler on udp port 54003 included - now more than one HYTERA-Repeater RD6xx, RD9xx can be connected from one Internet-IP

-IPSC2 minor issues fixed

-IPSC2 HYTERA Rpeater not reported correct to LastHeard Page (

version 8.11.24
-IPSC2 More Info on new LastHeard Page (

version 8.11.20
-IPSC2 BRIDGE definition now on TS2 too

-IPSC2 new features for internal commnication -> bMaster+ ACTIVE TAB

-IPSC2 MMDVM HOTSPOTs not all booked MATRIX columns set to "0" after disconect

version 8.11.16
-IPSC2 DAPNET: new Input SERVICE TAB "DAPNET Server IP" ( or
-IPSC2 LID configuration

version 8.11.15
-IPSC2 MMDVM connections can now also use the group 8/1 - 8/9.
Example: OPTIONS .... TS1_1 = 20008 for 8/2 via TS1 or TS2_2 = 70008 for 8/7 via TS2

version 8.11.14
-IPSC2 new BRIDGE Groups now are booked fixed or on demand. Dashboard TAB BRIDGE with information
BRIDGE TGs which are not used within MATRIX are only booked from bMaster+ on demand (on PTT use)

version 8.11.12
-IPSC2 new bMaster+INTERLINK included. Now we can share TG via bMaster+ as a addition to the refelectors (first release only TS1 - TS2 comming soon)
Short description: within IPSCServerControl select TAB TS1 and double-click a TG from headerrow you will find the new:
"Activate Bridge via bMaster+". With this new linktype we can exchange country-groups like 235,262,232,260,... world-wide without the need
of several INTERLINK configurations. Please follow TELEGRAM-Admin-Group for more informations.

version 8.11.04
-IPSC2 INTERLINK MASTER with longer name now posible (some times segmentaion fault)

version 8.11.01
-IPSC2 New features to better communicate with new bMaster+ - System

version 8.10.30
-IPSC2 Anytone GPS-Format has changed beginning with Firmware 2.33 - Decoding for both Firmware Version fixed

version 8.10.15 (Master Release)
-IPSC2 update memory usage for user-database file, reduce memory consumption

version 8.10.14
-IPSC2 more information to bMaster+ is sent, which is needed by distributed Network soon

version 8.09.15
-IPSC2 only reduced debug display

version 8.09.12
-IPSC2 MMDVM voice messages with better performance, ANYTONE GPS with checksum

version 8.09.09
-IPSC2 TS1 database info not properly read - now corrected

version 8.09.07

version 8.09.04

version 8.09.03
-IPSC2 RETEVIS, MD-390 now workig in MMDVM HOTSPOTs

version 8.09.01
- new
- IPSC2 GEODATA from repeaters sent to (only if you set the gsp-parameters on the SYSTEM-TAB)
Private-Call and Text-Messages sent from HOTSPOT to REPEATERS and HOTSPOTS
OPTIONS Field now also accepted from DMRGateway.ini you can use both TS and 5 x TG each TS

-IPSC2 Using FIXED Option on Master/Peer-Configuration now working again

version 8.08.28
- new
- IPSC2 DAPNET (see connection
SMS Message to TG 5066 (!!not private call!!) with text-msg: "callsign<blank>text" is sent to the DAPNET Server
Please use IPSC_CONTROL_2.18.6 to set DAPNET-TXGroup e.g. "oe-all" (please read DAPNET documentation)
If you do not like to activate DAPNET leave DAPNET-TXGroup <blank>

version 8.08.26
- new
- IPSC2 MMDVM HOTSPOT minor correction to OPTIONS= and MMDVM-Info-Fields

version 8.08.24
- new
- IPSC2 more Information for CONFIG-PAGE for better MMDVM Info

version 8.08.22
- new
- IPSC2 now MMDVM HOTSPOT (DMO and DUAL_HAT) can connect to IPSC2 with 7,8,9-digit ID. 7-digit User-ID plus 1 or two digit count
so it is posible to connect more than one MMDVM HOTSPOT from one IP-source
please use IPSC_CONTROL_2.18.5 to allow use for 7-9-digit user-id

version 8.07.20
- new
- IPSC2 5-fig TGs are possible now to transfer via OpenBridge. Starting with the country-code or starting with the partner-code
please use IPSC_CONTROL_2.18.4 to configure new TGs

version 8.07.14
- fixed
- IPSC2 missing "startframes" on incomming streams from DVMEGA talking via reflector. So XLX does not start the transcoding
i insert now 2 frames with start-header to fix this problem

version 8.07.03
- new
- IPSC2 OpenBridge some minor corrections to open the communication with BM

version 8.07.02b
- new
- IPSC2 OpenBridge starting now at same time as IPSC2 starts/restarts
some minor corrections on OpenBridge communication

version 8.07.02a
- new
- IPSC2 Now you can set via IPSCControlCenter 2.18.1 the option "Client TS1 from Database" yes/no
to set TS1 MATRIX from information in the registration database

version 8.06.27
- new
- IPSC2 MMDVM "Options=" parameter (TS1-Groups,Start-Reflector and Link-Timer) from MMDVM.ini implemented
"Options=" has priority to DL5DI-Database values
e.g. Options=StartRef=4012;LinkTimer=60;UserLink=1;TS1_1=262;TS1_2=1;TS1_3=20;TS1_4=;TS1_5=
e.g. Options= only set all values to zero

version 8.06.26
- fixed
- IPSC2 more info for file http://<ipsc2-address>/ipsc/status.txt

version 8.06.25

!!need IPSCServerControl version 2.16.8!!

- new
- IPSC2 repeater ONLINE status information file http://<ipsc2-address>/ipsc/status.txt
- IPSC2 now taking CONFIG parameters for TS1 MATRIX from DL5DI-Database in combination with SETUP-Page

version 8.06.23
- fixed
- IPSC2 IRC-channel (LastHeard) some times callsign not sent
- IPSC2 bMaster+ connection some minor issues on TG/DMR+ exchange
- IPSC2 bMaster+ full implementation - no more need of sMaster

- new
- IPSC2 New Talk-groups added: 8001-8999 (Not usable in exchange with HOTSPOTS and DONGLES)
- IPSC2 max-user-ids set to 110000, new fast-index-search added (country/region index)
- IPSC2 OpenBridge to exchange regional Talk-groups with BM-groups without using cBridge
We do not plan to exchange international Talk-groups via the OpenBridge.
The exchange of Talk-groups and the use of Reflectors via INTERLINK remains
the basis for our communication in our DMRplus system.
- IPSC2 Exchange PrivateCall's and DMR-TextMessages between IPSC2-Servers via bMaster+ - Link
- IPSC2 Exchange Roaming Information via bMaster+ - Link (used by PC and TXT calls)
- IPSC2 SERVICE MENU - direct link to the Sysop-Page of the Registration-Server
Configuration of the location parameters and definition of the settings for TS1
and the desired reflector (timing)
- IPSC2 SITEINFO MENU - Information page for legal information, information about which
data is processed by the IPSC2 server. Special references to the public basis
of amateur radio data.

- BMAST bMaster+ is the new server system that enables the exchange of reflector information
between the IPSC2-servers and the HOTSPOT- / DONGLE-solutions.
The bMaster+ also exchanges all direct calls (PC) and text messages.
Note: Talk-groups (TG) will continue to be distributed via INTERLINK
with MATRIX administration. The bMaster+ continues to provide the full connection
to the existing systems (DMR + MASTER, sMaster).
However, we recommend switching to the new technology

version 8.05.24
- new
- IPSC2 max-user-ids set to 99000, actually user-ids shown on Status-page footer.
- IPSC2 DONGLE-Web-Page, IP hidden

- fixed
- IPSC2 HYTERA wakeup message always produce TS1&TS2 frames - now Frames going to MMDVM also checked for right TS
- IPSC2 bmaster+ preparations (bmaster+ coming soon)

version 8.04.05
- fixed
- IPSC2 APRS N/S now correct transmission
- IPSC2 MATRIX extended internal buffer to handy with more the 30 positions
!! please use IPSC_CONTROL_2.16.6 ore higher

version 8.02.20 - MAIN RELEASE
- fixed
- IPSC2 Dashboard upgrade for new ROAMING, MATRIX design

version 8.02.14
- new
- IPSC2 GPS now sent to APRS via base91 protocol. Now all 4 digits behind decimal point are transfered to

- IPSC2 REMAP, BRIDGE issues sending stream twice fixed

version 8.02.11-2
- fixed
- IPSC2 XLX Connect for TS2 activated minor fixes

version 8.02.10
- new
- IPSC2 XLX Connect for TS2 activated
(attention only one XLX Connection per IPSC2-Server and please use only TS1 "OR" TS2)

version 8.02.08
- fixed
- IPSC2 TG8 with regions (issue transfer MOT_>HYT)
- IPSC2 HYT RSSI readout modified
- IPSC2 Floor-Control on incoming DMR+ streams modified

version 8.01.28
- fixed
- IPSC2 MMDVM protocol start-frame issue fixed (issue: no perfect audio)

version 8.01.20
- new
- IPSC2 XLX-Server-Connection. IPSC2 can now connect one TG to a XLX Module
1) for this connection you need to have a 6-fig registred Repeter-ID because XLX check it
2) please install new IPSCServerControl 2.16-2
3) in the MASTER-Tab create new Entry, set RPTR-ID and select "XLX Connction"
4) Set XLX IP
5) Routing DMR-MARC, choose XLX Module

version 8.01.20
- fixed
- IPSC2 INTERLINK socket UDP port 50020 now in both direction working

version 8.01.17
- fixed
- IPSC2 INTERLINK color (green/orange) now better following on changing incoming and outgoing streams
- IPSC2 issue: user.db, rptr.db only 0 bytes aber server restart --> solution now new master-server link

- new
- IPSC2 only one IPSCServerControl User allowed at the same time ...

version 8.01.10

!! please use new IPSCServerControl Version 2.16

- fixed
- IPSC2 Interlink socket now in & out UDP 50020
- IPSC2 DONGLE Streams coming from DMR+MASTER without Repeater#
now shown with Repeater# 901004 via CC-CC Connection
this closes the issue on the CBridge Dashboard with empty RPTR/CALL in the shown lines

- changed
- IPSC2 the socket for the INTERLINK now running inbound and outbound in socket UDP 50020

- new
- IPSC2 SMS messages sent to group 5060-5069 are shown on Dashboard
HYT/MOT/TYT-Equipment will be "decoded" on all repeater types MOT/HYT/MMDVM
- IPSC2 SMS messages now stored to sms.db file for 3rd party decode
- IPSC2 GPS for AIlunce HD1 added (and some other compatible Chinese Radios)
- IPSC2 Dashboard MONITOR with new column "Repeater-Callsign"
and Reflector-Calls coming from DMR+ shown with REFL and Group#
- IPSC2 TG (group-range) 8001-8999 available - all functions supported (MATRIX, MAP)
- IPSC2 TG 9 has now it's own Holdtimer for Repeaters without a reflector connection.
You can set this Holdtimer (0-99 sec) for each repeater in the MASTER and PEER lines.
With this Holdtimer it is possible to have local talks without disturbance from other
incoming streams

version 7.12.21-2
- fixed
- IPSC2 some times connecting MMDVM to IPSC2 does not work

version 7.12.20
- fixed
- IPSC2 SMS wrong decode on garbled text

version 7.12.12-2
- fixed
- IPSC2 SMS crossing Timeslot even same repeater

version 7.12.12
- IPSC2 Save Roaming Table every minute (roaming.db) and reload file on restart
- IPSC2 New Timestamp style < - hh:mm:ss>
- IPSC2 SMS transcode from MMDVM-Repeaters to HYTERA-Repeaters and vice versa
- IPSC2 GPS to for MMDVM-Repeaters including embeded GPS

version 7.11.01
- IPSC2 reduced memory usage

version 7.10.20
- IPSC2 New user database including all registered users

version 7.10.03
- IPSC2 some internal modification

version 7.08.12
- new
- IPSC2 Timer/Date-System via CRON Job to switch a Startreflector automaticaly on scheduled date/weekday/time
Modify Reflektor Link send UDP to 8870
payload 0-7 fix IPSVNREF ... new Reflector
payload 8-8 1-stellig "C"...CRON JOB
payload 9-14 6-stellig RPTR ID
payload 15-18 4-stellig Reflector ("4012")
payload 19-20 2-stellig Holdtimer 00-99 minutes

e.g. IPSVNREFC232100419115
see /ipt/ipsc-server/
Attention! This UDP command is only allowed from localhost - security reason

Insert to crontab for example switch 232193 to 4189 on every thuesday from 07pm to 08pm

0 19 * * 2 bash /opt/ipsc-server/ 232193 4189 60

0 20 * * 2 bash /opt/ipsc-server/ 232193 4000 00

version 7.08.08
- fixed
- IPSC2 Issue Private Call from HYT or MOT to MMDVM now OK
- IPSC2 MMDVM hidden issue on using both timeslots at the same time. Issue fixed
- IPSCServerControl edit functionality for MAPPING tab including DELETE !! Control version 2.15 !!
- IPSC2 & IPSCServerControl Reserve ZL-Users only to TG530 from Dongle/Hotspot (Malta ask for this feature too) !! Control version 2.15 !!
up to three fields for 3-figure (country) "starting-with" can be set at each MAPPING TAB
- IPSC2 Reduce MONITOR Dashboard to used trafic only. So TG and Reflectors comming from DMR+MASTER or INTERLINK and not needed by MATRIX are not shown on MONITOR

- new
- IPSC2 REMAP now activated on the same IPSC2.
e.g. PTT on TS1 with TG13 and a "REMAP TG 13 to REFLECTOR 4555" will send to all connected repeaters with tagged MATRIX or UA is activated using TG13
the same stream is transfered via DMR+MASTER to 4555 using TG9
the same stream is transfered to all connected repeaters on TS2 with "booked" Reflector 4555 using TG9

Attention! please deactivate double REMAP for the same TG/Reflector on other IPSC2 instances

version 7.08.02
- fixed
- IPSC2 Announcements now always come out with "full length" on MOTOROLA repeaters
- IPSC2 UA TGs now blocked corectly to the activating User-ID and the ID is shown in the Dashboard. Sometimes a UA TG could be cleaned from an none activating User-ID
- IPSC2 / DMR+MASTER DVMEGA in combination with older MOTOROLA-Firmware some PTT-streams where lost. Please update DMR+MASTER (after 2017-08-01) too.
- IPSC2 stopped Display ROAMING Info within Dashboard because to much time consumption --> system restart... will bring new system later
- IPSC2 show last starttime within Dashboard
- IPSC2 some more minor fixes

version 7.07.21
- fixed
- IPSC2 not connected repeaters (4000) got MAPPED streams now also for MOTOROLA type connections

version 7.07.20
- fixed
- IPSC2 not connected repeaters (4000) got MAPPED streams

version 7.07.10
- fixed
- IPSC2 reflector.db extended in size - now all reflector read from Database-Server

version 7.07.09
- fixed
- IPSC2 MOTOROLA Repeaters: Messages 4000,5000 and Reflector connect messages where cut on start now complete message is sent
- IPSC2 Internal Dashboard-buffers for html files increased - bevore some installations run into server crashing

version 7.07.01
- fixed
- IPSC2 MMDVM on more than one MMDVM with same reflector only the first MMDVM on Dashboard was used
- IPSC2 MMDVM DVMega connect no audio to MOTOROLA
- IPSC2 new TAB on Dashboard ROAMING - show info where a user was lastheard. This info is used for directcall and sending text
- IPSC2 ROAMING in progress!!

version 7.05.21
- fixed
- Dashboard corrections
- some minor corrections to LOG prints

version 7.05.20
- fixed
- IPSC2 CC-CC in combination with MAP issue fixed

version 7.05.17
- new
- IPSC2 TG9 without reflector now with holdoff time = 15 sec.
- fixed
- IPSC2 Blacklist for our "jerks" now also on MMDVM

version 7.05.15
- new
- IPSC2 Blacklist for our "jerks"

deny.db with repeater and user blacklist in one file
001@2321001@free Text .... User not allowed
002@232193@free Text .... Repeater not allowed

version 7.05.13
- fixed
- IPSC2 MMDVM Info de G4KLX Header bits wrong
- IPSC2 CC-CC losing heardbeat from CBridge after restart

version 7.05.12
- fixed
- IPSC2 MMDVM -> DMR+MASTER/DONGLE audio was lost
- new
- IPSC2 CC-CC -> one LID on cBridge can now delivered to TS1 and TS2 at same time even to different TGs

version 7.05.10
- fixed
- IPSC2 CC-CC Automatic Reconnect after CBridge Restart now working
- new
- IPSC2 + IPSCServerControl Region now available on TG8 and TG2 on Timeslots TS1&TS2

version 7.05.06
- fixed
- IPSC2 CC-CC connections start/stop without RESTART only by modifying TS1=OFF or TS=DMR-MARC

version 7.05.05
- fixed
- IPSC2 CC-CC Dashboard shown wrong repeater line green/orange on RX/TX
- IPSC2 MMDVM --> DMR+MASTER show wrong TG (always 17) fixed

version 7.05.03
- fixed
- IPSC2 CC-CC some fixes comming out from UK testing

version 7.05.01
- new
- IPSC2 INTERLINK scource repeater is passed through

version 7.04.27
- new
- IPSC2 CC-CC Link ready !!please use new ControlCenter 2.11 !!

version 7.04.15
- new
- IPSC2 source -IDs 31xxx allowed to pass matrix
- fixed
- IPSC2 internal tables expanded to better FLOOR control performance

version 7.04.01
- fixed
- IPSC2 frequency update versus DMR-MARC database correct again.
- DMR+MASTER same issue - DL5DI will bring a new version for DMR+MASTER soon
- Repeater without registration not shown correctly

version 7.03.29
- fixed
- IPSC2 RSSI: some more small fixed RSSI/RDAC issues. No we are ready to go with HYTERA RSSI

version 7.03.27
- fixed
- IPSC2 RSSI: some small differences between the firmware/model versions

version 7.03.25
- modify
- Delay before sending voice-messages to the repeater now 2 sec (from 1 sec)
- new
- HYTERA get RSSI via RDAC-Port (not working on all sites - we are testing)

- information how to run GPS with RETEVIS RT8, MD380/MD390
- you will find a ZIP file with print screen in this link.

version 7.03.18
- fixed
- IPSC2 cBridge connection private/group issue

version 7.03.17
- fixed
- IPSC2 NOT WORKING YET - PLEASE TAKE 7.03.18 (cBridge connection private/group issue)

version 7.03.16
- fixed
- IPSC2 two simultaneos calls with same TG on both TS now get's different FLOOR-No.
- IPSC2 mapped TG on TS1 now transmitted from HYTERA/MMDVM to DONGLE

version 7.03.14
- fixed
- IPSC2 MMDVM --> CBridge gets relayed as private call
- fixed
- IPSC2 user database on long names do not show the proper callsign

version 7.03.11
- new
- IPSC2ServerControl version > 2.08
- allow Dongle connect via TS1 to DMR+ odr DMR-MARC connected repeaters or INTERLINK/CBridge
- allow to fix information (per Repeater-Entry) from IPSC2ServerControll and not getting data from WEB-Database (reflector and timer)

- fixed
- IPSC2 connected Dongles now fully working on TS1

version 7.03.10
- new
- IPSC2 Dashboard "New Style"
- fixed
- Communication with IPSCServerControl please use version > 2.07

version 7.02.26
- fixed
- IPSC2 dashboard HTML Code renew
- IPSC2 RETEVIS GPS now working on HYTERA and MOTOROLA (not on MMDVM)
- IPSC2 some minor code refreshments

version 7.02.20
- fixed
- IPSC2 bridge mode send to all MOT and HYT on bridged TGs
- new
- IPSC2 user.db now including all regisred IDs

version 7.02.18
- fixed
- IPSC2 + DMR+MASTER kommunikation on TS1
- IPSC2 now TG8 on TS1 and TS2 possible (please use last IPSCServerControl)
- IPSC2 DV4mini connected to IPSC2 now working with combination of DMR+MASTER

- new
- IPSC2 floor-control now running on all systems DV4mini, MMDVM, HYT, MOD

version 7.02.17
- fixed
- IPSC2 Masterrepeater lose Master-UDP-Port after hourly database refresh from Internet

version 7.02.16
- midified
- MONITOR: sorted active QSO and archive

version 7.02.15
- new
- MONITOR: new Dashboard info with duration (sec.), RSSI, BER% (RSSI,BER% only with prepared MMDVM)
- fixed
- Dashboard Info comming from DMR+MASTER

version 7.02.14
- fixed
- IPSC2 conencted DV4mini dongles routing/matrix problems

version 7.02.13
- fixed
- MATRIX Table now max 100 repeaters again

version 7.02.12 !!MASTER RELEASE!!
- fixed
- FLOOR control to prevent a repeater to get LOOP streams
- IPSC2 connected DV4mini now have priority on MATRIX going to MOTOROLA repeaters --> better timining --> better audio
- MMDVM minor issues with announcements and MATRIX
- DMR+MASTER bokking refelctors now on all actions fixed
- ECHO some minor issues fixed on MOT, HYT, MMD
- IPSCServerControl not working stable on gettib large MATRIX tables

version 7.02.07
- fixed
- IPSCServerControl some times MATRIX tab TS1 or TS2 are currupted
solution: checksum on sending MATRIX

version 7.02.05
- fixed
- MMDVM issues like routing, announcement, dashboard
- DMR+ routing between MOTOROLA/CBridge and HYTERA

- fixed
- DVmega via MMDVM talking to MOTOROLA some times drop-outs

version 7.01.31
- new
- Dashboard with more information in DMR+MASTER LINK

version 7.01.28
- new
- HYTERA GPS on PTT (GPS over Voice) transfered from MOT or HYT repeater to
only LAT & LOT available no SSI so we send to callsign with no SSID and Symbol DOT
- HYTERA GPS with RSSI transfered from MOT or HYT repeater to See (RSSI -xx) on display

- new
- DemandTimer: second HoldTimer added for to hold on Demand Groups
- you need new IPSCControlServer.exe

- fixed
- Repeater Database on download now correct again

version 7.01.26
- fixed
- HYTERA --> MOT routing on TS1 (issue coming out of bridge function)

version 7.01.21
- fixed
- HYTERA with Firmware 8.x linking to the server and working with and without set "ALIAS" on handheld
- APRS 5059 now "car" symbol again

version 7.01.15
- fixed
- IPSC2 INTERLINK ID will shown correct on cBridge Link

- delete 7.01.14: no routing for TG9 via repeaters marked as Reflector 4000
- delete 7.01.14: not registered user-id are transfered via Reflectors

- now: all user-IDs between 1000000 and 7999999 are taken for routing

version 7.01.14
- fixed
- now: no routing for TG9 via repeaters marked as Reflector 4000
- now: not registered user-id are transfered via Reflectors
- IPSC2 MMDVM using special 8/x TGs not working correct
think i have to copy the MOT/HYT solution

version 7.01.12
- new
- only registered user-id are able to route and can use reflector system

version 7.01.11
- minor
- IPSC2 New Dashboard more Information

version 7.01.10
- new
- IPSC2 Dashboard show now incomming Reflector-Streams from DMR+MASTER
- fixed
- IPSC2 Switching to a Reflector with incomming-Stream -> Stream now starts immediatly
Error: Stream starts after next over

version 7.01.05
- fixed
- IPSC2 new URL for DATABASE Server (user-, repeater- and refelctor-list)

version 7.01.02
- fixed
- IPSC2 MAPPING on incomming TG from HYTERA repeaters not sent to other HYTERAs

version 6.12.23
- new
- IPSC2 SEND TG4000 ON TS1 now disconnect reflector on TS2

version 6.12.15
- fixed
- IPSC2 TG9990 (echo) not working after use on HYTERA
- IPSC2 TG9990 Dashboard information added

version 6.12.13
- fixed
- IPSC2 MAPPING switch the repeater (some times)

version 6.12.12
- fixed
- MOT <-> MMDVM streams now working with all TGS and UA
- HYT <-> MMDVM streams now working with all TGs and US
- HYTERA, MMDVM TG8 with regions RX/TX
- some minor bugs on Holdtimer

- new
- announcement blocked on restart from IPSC2ServerControl
- announcement ready after restart after user action

version 6.12.10
- fixed
- HYTERA, MMDVM TG8 with regions RX/TX

version 6.12.08
- fixed
- MMDVM TG8 on TS2 not going to MOT
- HYTERA TG8 on TS2 not going to MOT
- MMDVM after new LOGIN with a new local UDP-Port no stream sent to MMDVM

version 6.12.07
- new
- generate register key and send it to DMR+ Database
- check register key and show on Dashboard ACTIVE or REGISTERED